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FMO-C Gear Operator

FluoroSeal® FMO-C series declutchable override gear box were specially designed used for butterfly valve, ball valve and plug valve together with pneumatic actuators. This device allows for manual operation during installation, system testing and in the event of a supply air-failure.

FluoroSeal® PFA FMO-C Gear Operator

Main Features

• Compact and simply design, light in weight

• Manufactured with cast iron housing

• ISO 5211 direct mounting patterns

• Easy for customer to choose relative position between gear operator and valve, with two keyway apart 90°in the inner hole of worm gear

• Easy to realize the manual drive or the pneumatic drive with the place-pin

• Filled with special lubricant before leaving the factory

• Weatherproof: IP65

• Output torque ranges from 300Nm to 22100Nm

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