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HF Alkylation Plug Valves

FluoroSeal® is committed to providing the highest quality product to our HF Alkylation end users. As a result, FluoroSeal HF Alkylation Sleeved Plug Valves are designed, manufactured, and tested in strict compliance with the requirements of the UOP HF Alkylation Process Licensor specifications.

FluoroSeal® HF Alkylation Plug Valve

To ensure that we provide the highest quality product possible, FluoroSeal Inc. conducts a 100% radiographic inspection of each valve body per the requirements of ASTM E446 (DIN EN 444 & DIN EN462). In addition, each machined valve body is subjected to a 450 psig helium gas shell test prior to assembly. After assembly, HF Alkylation valves receive a 1.5 times max cold working pressure kerosene shell test per ASME B16.34 (DIN EN 12266-1), a low pressure gas seat test, and high pressure kerosene seat test.

Main Features

• Long Lasting Bubble Tight Sealing

• Adjustable In-Line & External Sealing

• Cavity Free

• Non-Lubricated

• Quarter Turn Operation

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