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High Performance Butterfly Valves

FluoroSeal® High Performance Butterfly Valves (HPBV) offer outstanding performance in a wide variety of applications in chemical processing, refining, pulp and paper, ethanol, gas separation, desalination, mining, utility, and many other industries. Because of their cost effective, yet robust design FluoroSeal High Performance Butterfly Valves often out-perform other valves by offering long term positive bi-directional shut-off in both control as well as on-off applications.

FluoroSeal® High Performance Butterfly Valve

Because of their optimized disc profile FluoroSeal High Performance Butterfly Valves (HPBV) offer precise flow control characteristics over the full range of valve rotation. Manual valve control is assured through the use of a multi-position lockable positioning plate which is standard for all lever operated valves.

Main Features

• Available in wafer, lug and double flange configurations

• GF2P single-piece seat offers positive shut-off and abrasion resistance

• No contact between seat and disc in open/intermediate Position

• Bi-directional bubble tight shut-off

• Additional PTFE seal ring for added through-body leak protection

• Low torque required to actuate valve translates into lower cost of actuation

• Double offset design

High Performance Butterfly Valves Catalogue