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Lined Butterfly Valves

Due to its specially contoured disc profile, the FluoroSeal® fully PFA-lined butterfly valve offers high flow rates with minimal pressure drop throughout the entire range of disc rotation. Positive, bubble tight, bi-directional shut off is assured due to the elastomeric energized seat. With a standard live-loaded stem seal, tight control of fugitive emissions to atmosphere is maintained in both high cycle applications and those applications with temperature gradients. An engineered atmospheric seal at the stem prevents the ingress of foreign material into the packing chamber. Low operating torque is achieved via precision shaft bearings in combination with the spherical seat design.

FluoroSeal® PFA Lined Butterfly Valve

Moreover, excellent corrosion resistance is provide by the GF2P lined body and the securely anchored, PFA lined disc.An integral, one piece investment cast disc-shaft core eliminates lost motion during operation. A “Double D” drive shaft and ISO 5211 mounting pad allow for easy and cost effective automation.

Main Features

• Robust design and construction

• Bi-directional in-line bubble tight sealing

• Energized body liner seat

• Live-loaded stem seals

• PFA-lined one-piece disc/shaft assembly

• GF2P body liner

• Low profile disc

• Multiple bearings

• ISO 5211 mounting flange

Lined Butterfly Valves Catalogue