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Pneumatic Actuators

The FluoroSeal® pneumatic rack and pinion actuators are designed, developed, and tested by FluoroSeal and incorporate the latest in technology and materials available on the market today. Thorough product and market research combined with over two decades of valve design and manufacturing, results in the highest quality actuators available.

FluoroSeal® Pneumatic Actuator Model FS095

All actuators conform to ISO 5211, DIN 3337, and VDI/VDE 3845 for product interchangeability and ease of solenoid, limit switch and accessory mounting.

Construction Characteristics

FluoroSeal® Pneumatic Actuator Detail

1. A compact and lightweight extruded hard anodized aluminium body.

2. Dual piston rack and pinion design allows for compactness, symmetrical mounting, high cycle life and rapid operation. Reverse operation achieved through piston inversion.

3. Two external travel stop adjustments allow for a more accurate valve alignment through the independent +/- 4° adjustment, in either the closed or open position.

4. Multiple bearings and guides contain all moving parts.

5. One piece pinion shaft provides blowout protection and maximum cycle life.

6. Accurate positioning is achieved through high precision teeth on piston racks and pinion shaft that allows for maximum engagement and efficient operation.

7. Preloaded, modular spring cartridges are designed with coated springs offering range versatility, improved safety, and corrosion resistance.

8. High quality bearings and seals provide a wide operating temperature range, low friction, and high cycle life.

9. Internal and external stainless steel fasteners for long term corrosion resistance.

10. Colored visual position indication and a direct easy mount for sensors or accessories.


Stainless steel 420 drive shafts available upon request for all sizes for highly corrosive applications.

All actuator models may be equipped with FPM or silicone O-rings in conjunction with a FluoroSeal tested and certified lubricant suitable for extremely high or low temperature applications.

Customized drive connections as well as keyed drive or double “D” shape connections can be made in lieu of the standard double square bottom drive shaft connection

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