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Maintenance and Repair

FluoroSeal valves can be repaired at the FluoroSeal Service Center in Missouri City, Texas, the factory in Montreal, QC Canada, or at one of our factory authorized third party repair facilities. Please Contact Us for additional information regarding repairs.

FluoroSeal Sleeved Plug Valves are a non-lubricated design, they do not require periodic lubrication to achieve a seal or to operate smoothly. This makes them a “maintenance free” valve.

While performing a basic repair the sleeve, stem seal kit, and cover bolting are replaced. More in-depth repairs may require the replacement of the valve plug or cover. If a valve body is damaged beyond repair a new valve should be purchased.

Because of their maintenance free designs, FluoroSeal sleeved and lined plug valves do not require periodic calibration or adjustments. The only time an adjustment is required is if an in-line or atmospheric leak develops.

Should a FluoroSeal sleeved or lined plug valve ever develop an in-line or external leak, adjustments can be made to re-establish the seal. Please Contact Us for information concerning valve adjustments.


FluoroSeal Standard Design and Fugitive Emissions Design sleeved plug valves are available in materials such as carbon and stainless steels, duplex and super duplex stainless steels, high nickel alloys, and refractory metals such as titanium and zirconium.

Developing custom valves for special applications is FluoroSeal’s strength – after all our name is “FluoroSeal Specialty Valves”.

FluoroSeal Sleeved and Lined plug valves are available per ANSI/ASME, DIN, and JIS standards.

Sleeved plug valves should be used in applications where tight, long-lasting shut-off and excellent emissions resistance are required. Because they are cavity-free and the sealing member is protected from the flow, sleeved plug valves can be used in applications containing solids, slurries, or tend to scale.

PFA lined plug valves should be used in corrosive applications where tight, long-lasting shut-off and excellent emissions resistance is required.

PFA lined full port ball valves should be used in corrosive applications where tight, long-lasting shut-off is required. Excellent emissions resistance is ensured due to the standard live loaded stem packing. With low operating torques, FluoroSeal lined ball valves are a good choice for automated applications.

PFA/GF2P lined butterfly valves should be used in corrosive applications where tight, long-lasting shut-off is required. With standard live loaded stem seals, excellent emissions resistance is ensured. Because of its specially contoured disc, FluoroSeal lined butterfly valves offer good control properties.

1. Actuator Function: On/Off or Modulating

2. Type of Actuator: Pneumatic, Hydraulic or Electric

3. Power Supply: Air Pressure, Hydraulic Pressure, or Electric Voltage

4. Fail Position: Fail Open, Fail Closed, Fail Last

5. Accessories: Solenoids, Limit Switches, Positioners, or Speed Control


FluoroSeal is a fully integrated valve manufacturer. We own two foundries and have three machining, assembly, and testing centers strategically located around the world to service our global customers.

Shipping & Distribution

FluoroSeal stocks finished inventory at multiple locations to better service our customers. These include Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Missouri City, Texas, USA, Suzhou, China, and Sabadell, Barcelona, Spain.

FluoroSeal stocks sleeved plug valves in a number of standard and special materials, PFA lined plug valves, PFA lined full port ball valves, PFA/GF2P lined butterfly valves, and pneumatic rack & pinion actuators.

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