Lined valves

Engineered for the most corrosive media

Lined ball valve PFA FluoroSeal

Lined Ball Valve

  • Live loaded, low emission stem seal standard
  • Full port design
  • Virgin un-pigmented PFA lined body, ball, and stem
  • Stainless steel ball & stem core
  • Robust, bubble tight seats
  • Metal-metal body joint seal

Lined Butterfly valve

  • Live loaded, low emission stem seal standard
  • Energized seat for bubble tight shut-off
  • Two piece lug or wafer style body
  • One piece integrally cast duplex stainless steel disc-shaft core
  • Virgin un-pigmented PFA lined disc-shaft, GF2P lined body
  • Blow-out proof stem
Lined butterfly valve PFA FluoroSeal
Lined plug valve PFA FluoroSeal

Lined Plug Valve

  • Robust, bi-directional, fully adjustable in-line & external sealing
  • Body & plug liners securely locked through a series of dovetail grooves and anchoring holes
  • External epoxy coating resists atmospheric corrosion
  • Virgin, unpigmented PFA liners
  • Cavity free
  • Non-lubricated, maintenance free
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